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We believe in the maxim “Keep process as simple as possible”. Cynergytax is known for the name and stands for its reputation in flexible, fast and timely delivery of the services committed and goes beyond the professional water tight jacket commitment to deliver customer oriented satisfaction. We offer complete peace of mind, wherever you are, what ever you do and who so ever you are.

Our team has the winning combination to make the things possible, and devise the solution to any tricky situation, we are provided with. Our approach systematically draw upon the solution at any given stage making sure the value remains intact with compliance.

We rely on the effective performance and evaluate it with customer satisfaction. For Cynergytax, customer feedback is as important as securing revenue and optimizing success.

Cynergytax is born out of passion to provide path breaking services and is bonded together by individuals, selectively picked to perform at a level above than the rest. The fire inside us to go out of way and perform par excellence gives us confidence to claim what we are.

Cynergytax is a firm, which recognizes the importance of both human and technological touch to every solution we aim to achieve. With state of art facilities and secure operations, we assure you of services far superior quantitatively and qualitatively.

The advantage is Cynergytax not only lies in complete solution, but also in professional ethics with which we operate and deliver. We are committed to safe and secure operation making sure you sleep in peace, while we work for you

Our Client-Focused Tax And Financial Products Include:

Cynergytax Guarantee – With the Cynergytax Guarantee included in every tax return, if penalty and interest charges are owed due to Cynergytax’s error, those penalties and interest on federal, state and local returns are paid. If the IRS audits your client, a Cynergytax representative will assist in answering questions regarding your clients return.

Serenity Service Plan – A worry-free guarantee purchased by the client to ensure any additional taxes assessed (up to $5,000) because of our error will be paid by Cynergytax. This also insures a qualified Cynergytax Agent will assist in representations to the client in the event of an audit of the individual federal, state and local Cynergytax-prepared returns for three years after the filing deadline.

Quick E-filing – Our top-of-the-line electronic return transmission system ensures our clients get their refunds fast.

Maximum Refund Guarantee – If it’s there, we’ll find it.

Re-evaluation: – If you have already filed your tax returns for the current year or any of the previous years but want someone to take a second look if they have been filed correctly and if you have received the highest possible legal refund, we can help you. Just pay $30 and we will for your benefit re-look the last two tax returns and see if you could get a better refund. If you choose to get any one of them re-worked we shall charge only for that year’s tax return.


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